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Crypts, catacombs and skeletons: A tour of underground Rome!

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  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Languages: English, Italian
  • What is included: Transfer, Ticket office, Guide

Tour of crypts and catacombs

An experience to learn about the true essence of Rome’s undergrounds. Three selected itineraries, to have a complete overview of what Rome has been in 300 centuries of history.

The Catacombs
In the underground of Rome there are miles of tunnels. These are Christian quarries or catacombs.
Among the many catacombs that can be visited, we will go to those of Santa Priscilla. This is one of the first underground Christian cemeteries in Rome (dating back 150 years before Christianity was legalized), and this site has extraordinary ancient frescoes, mysterious tunnels and the oldest representation of the Virgin Mary’s world.

For this tour, you will be accompanied by a specialist guide of the Underground of Rome. These guides of ours are specialized in the underground world of our city. Moreover, the group will be only 15 people or less, for a unique and extraordinary experience.

The Capuchin Crypt
Another site of this extraordinary tour is the crypt of the Capuchin friars. A cemetery literally built from bones! The rooms are decorated with the remains of about 4,000 Friars. For children, it is a fascinating lesson in anatomy and adults, a moving reminder of what we will all become.
The message at the end of the crypt reads: “What we were, you are now. What we are now, you will be.”

The aqueduct
In Rome, as many as 11 aqueducts arrived, an enormous quantity that was equaled only in modern times.
The famous Trevi fountain is also fed by a Roman aqueduct.
The Virgin aqueduct.
We will take you to the basement of a shopping center to visit the ancient aqueduct and then we will see where the water comes out, in the famous Trevi fountain, after a journey of 20 kilometers.

The basement of the Basilica of San Nicola in prison:

A secret place that few know. This delightful church was built in the 10th century on three temples dating back to the 1st century BC that were at the center of a fruit and vegetable market of ancient Rome dating back to the 4th century BC Most of the original temples, including their marble columns, have been incorporated into the structure of the current basilica, but are still visible. Going down into the basement we will make a real journey through time up to the 3rd century BC through a crypt used in the 12th century for exorcisms, passing piles of ancient fragments of human bones.
At the end of the path, your guide will show you the ancient prisons, where the legend tells that St. Nicholas was imprisoned here.

What to bring

  • Camera
  • Comfortable shoes are recommended

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