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The Ancient Aqueducts of Rome

€ 100 per person | 2:30 h | we will enjoy some typical Roman cuisine

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Adult Età 18+

Many visitors to Rome only visit the tourist sites. By contrast, we — who perform studies and research — want to offer you the opportunity to take a trip with us to ancient Rome, bringing you where mass tourism has not yet arrived and allowing you to discovery and touch wonderful structures hidden and preserved by nature! We will explore the magnificent aqueducts of Rome, four of them located in a park frequented only by locals.

Aqueducts brought water to the city via long channels supported by arches. I will explain to you how these were built, how they worked, and even how Rome, from the time of its earliest construction, was so completely dependent on this water supply that when the Barbarians invaded the city, the first thing they did was cut these aqueducts.

In many museums you can’t take photos. Here, not only can you take pictures, you will be able to walk on the aqueducts and touch history with your hands, because this will not be a mere guided tour, but a real experience of discovery. Afterwards, we will enjoy some typical Roman cuisine.