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The Undergrounds of Trastevere

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The Undergrounds of Trastevere

The name of the district “Trastevere” literally means “Beyond the Tiber”.
In ancient times, Jews and Freedmen (slaves who had bought their own freedom) lived here. Trastevere is one of the most beautiful and ancient neighborhoods of the city, rich in history, legends, and underground sites.
We will start our journey to discover the curiosities of Trastevere.
We will visit the undergrounds of extraordinary and unusual churches.

The undergrounds of Santa Cecilia in Trastevere

Where we will have the opportunity to visit the remains of a Republican district among amphorae, mosaics, and ancient structures like old Roman houses.

The undergrounds of San Crisogono

One of the first early Christian churches with paintings from the tenth century, something truly special.

Continuing then through winding alleys and extraordinary curiosities like the first Synagogue of Rome, we will arrive at the church of San Crisogono. In the immense undergrounds of this church, we will visit one of the first Christian Tituli, the early churches where the first faithful gathered.

We will cross the Tiber River, up to the Tiber Island. A magical place dedicated to medicine where even today the ancient hospital “fate bene fratelli” is located, where I will let you discover the remains of an ancient ship.

The experience is suitable for everyone.